My Goa My Goa Shapora satelite view 126327156 HELLO Farm in Oxel 126327046 seeding Oxel 126327155 Pre Monsoon after first 3 days of rain 128086307 Black Shouldred Kite photo by Andyman 147685390 Krokodile at Anjuna Pond 2012 photo by Andyman 147685391 Banyan Tree Bardez 126327152 Temple near small village 149284787 Tulsi present in front of every Hindu house 126594594 River Villa upstream 149284779 Goan Hindu house Pernem 126327151 Laterit Tower Pernem 126594573 Rich Mans House facing street 149284781 Rich Mans House a snap from the inside 149284782 Goan Residence Oxel 126594581 Goan Residence Oxel 126594582 Sadu Bhai under the Shapora tree 128353017 Still Active Shapora 126327047 shoping Shapora 126327149 Shapora Festival the famos tree 126327153 view to NE Shapora River Siolim hill 126327048 Shapora Fishing Port common view 129304583 afternoon on Shapora Bay winter birds 126327150 Dragon Anchor no dragging for this dighy 128353016 sand boat sailing Shapora river 126327158 Fisherman paddle a "Woda" near Siolim 2012 149284778 sandboats at rest Shapora river Kolvale 126327157 Resting Sand Boats near Kolvale 149284783 Shapora River Bank flowers and flatterby (butterfly) all over 129304581 Crocodile tail 02.2012 149284789 Crocodile (front view) On a Chapora river trip end of April 2011. foto by Daniel 127972104 Crocodile (side view) On a Chapora river trip end of April 2011. foto by Daniel 127972105 Fort Aldorna up Shapora river 129302291 Fort Alorna built by Bhonsales of Sawantwadi in the 17th century 149284785 Fort Alorna SE- corner 149284786 Shapora River Barrage near State border 149284784 Oriental White Ibis common at Goa in winter 02.2012 149284788 Seagulls on the bank Shapora bay 128353015 Shapora Fort built 1640 by Adil Sha. over 200 years later rebuilt by the portuguise invadors 129302290 North view from Shapora Fort where the river meeta the sae 129302289 Moored Trawlers Shapora fishing jetty 126594576 Back in Port Shapora fishing jetty 126594575 Anchor Shapora fishing jetty 2011 126594577 Fishing from Shore Shapora jetty 126594580 Hippie's used to be here Vagator Beach 126594578 Tourist Boats Baga 126594572 Wild Peacock not too shy 126600934 Flea Market Anjuna view from the beach 126594592 Flea Market Anjuna view from the beach 126594591 Flea Market Anjuna creative freaks 126594589 Flea Market Anjuna bargain 60% 126594590 Coco Nut Art Work creative freaks 126594588 Coco Nut Art Work creative freaks 126594584 Beach Cow Anjuna beach 126594593 Party is On flyer 126594585 Hoffman Cafe Shapora everybody is welcome to relax 128351424 Famous Goa Party maybe monkey vally ? 181526978 Famous Goa Parties also famous for all sort of things of which the beauty side is rarly mentioned. 126594571 Evening at Vagator Beach Vagator 126594596 Shapora - Vagator Map tourist map 126594595 Traces of Tourism Vagator hill 126594579 Infrastructure common sight 126594586 Infrastructure common sight 126594587 Infrastructure land line telephon, a part of Goan minimalism 126594574