Stunning Switzerland Stunning Switzerland Country Castel Utzensdorf 136587993 Country Castel Utzensdorf 136587994 Bridge to Country Castel Utzensdorf 136587995 Swiss Parliament, Capital City Bern view from south 136587634 Swiss Parliament, Capital City Bern Bundesplatz leisure 136587631 Swiss Parliament, Capital City Bern Bundesplatz leisure 136587633 Swiss Parliament, Capital City Bern Bundesplatz Farmers Fair 136587632 Bern Old City bird view 136587629 Bern, Muenster view from SE 136587623 Bern, old City view from E 136587619 Bern, old City Muenstergasse 136587624 Bern, old City Rathausgasse 136587626 Bern, old City "historic tram" 136587625 Bern, old City typical street 136587628 Bern, old City famous "Zytglogge" tower 136587630 Bern, Street Mucisians African Sound 136587622 Bern, Street Mucisians Mongolian (?) Sound 136587620 Bern, Street Mucisians Swiss Alp Horn Sound 136587627 Emmenthal (section only) view from S, Jura in the background 136587638 Emmenthal (section only) view from SW 136587636 Emmenthal (section only) typical land scape 136587637 Emmenthal (section only) typical land scape 136587639 Emmenthal (section only) typical farm house 136587635 Solothurn view from SW 136587956 Solothurn view from S, in the background the Jura 136587957 Solothurn city center 136587960 Solothurn typical street 136587959 Solothurn view the river Aare 136587958 Solothurn 5-Cornerd Tower 136587955 Solothurn restaurant "Chutz" 136587961 Solothurn night life on the river bank 136587962 Super Bike Yamaha this days 136587952 Scooters Lambretta thos days 136587618 Young Panks on railway stationwaiting for the train 136587963 Lake Thun 136587949 Lake Thun 136587950 Lake Thun 136587954 Graechen, Village a tourist destination near Zermatt 136587642 Flatterby 136587978 Graechen, Village typical Chalets 136587648 Graechen, Village outskirds 136587643 Graechen, outskirds 136587646 Swiss Alpine view "Finsterarhorn" 136587644 Swiss Alpine just beautiful 136587641 Swiss Alpine this cows are to be seen in the canton Wallis only 136587964 Swiss Alpine this goats are to be seen in the canton Wallis only 136587984 Swiss Alpine just beautiful 136587647 Swiss Alpine rivulet just below the glacier 136587645 Swiss Alpine Moss on a dry rock 136587951 Swiss Alpine Moss on a wet rock 136587981 Swiss Alpine blue Fungus 136587640 Swiss Alpine 136587976 Swiss Alpine 136587980 Swiss Alpine 136587967 Swiss Alpine 136587965 Swiss Alpine 136587966 Swiss Alpine 136587972 Swiss Alpine 136587968 Swiss Alpine 136587970 Swiss Alpine 136587971 Swiss Alpine 136587969 Swiss Alpine 136587973 Swiss Alpine 136587974 Swiss Alpine 136587975 Swiss Alpine gracious 136587985 Swiss Alpine small lake above Graechen 136587986 Swiss Alpine 136587977 Swiss Alpine 136587979 Swiss Alpine 136587982 Swiss Alpine 136587983 Swiss Alpine life cycle 136587987 Swiss Alpine seeds 136587988 Swiss Alpine seeds 136587991 Swiss Alpine seeds 136587989 Swiss Alpine seeds 136587990 Swiss Alpine plenty Apels 136587992 Swiss Alpine stone plate roofing 136587996 Matterthal view from S, city of Visp in the background 136587997 Matterthal train on the way to Zermatt 136587998