Monsoon in Goa Monsoon in Goa SW-Monsoon small Vagator beach 182057190 Green Power just a day after the 1st rain 182057184 Rice Plantation Rice seedlings planted by hand 182057182 Flooded Paddy plenty water all over 182057191 His Majesty Peacock in Vagator 182057185 time to dry up colorful loundry 182057186 Who? Why? the foot of a Coconut Tree why? dont know 182057187 Good times ahead cattle enjoying the grass after a long dry season 182057192 Ear cleaner cow and crows benefitting 183327996 A lazzy afternoon rest in the shade of the coco palms 183327999 Goa piggy this days a rare sight 183328000 Hilltop green again 182057183 Vagator Spring famous corner at vagator beach 182057188 Business gone will be "rejuvenated" by october 182057189 Fungus one day old 182057200 Little Wonders fungus 182057193 Wall Cover laterite walls overgrown 182057194 Spooky tree roots on a ruin 182057195 Dragonfly get charged by a sunray 182057196 Mushroom in white 182057197 Mushroom in yellow 182057208 Water Pearls 182057198 Fungus on a Tree 182057199 Fungus on a Tree 182057202 Fungus Colony 182057207 Fungus on broken tree branch growing end stage 183327998 Fungus on broken tree branch early stage of decay 183327997 Fungus Colony 182057201 Arum (botanical genus) one of many forms 182057203 Arum (botanical genus) the insect eater 182057204 the downside Anjuna 182057205 forgotten Anjuna 182057206 two drops the power of water 182060322